Photo: Robert V Ruggiero
The Three Jewels; Buddha, Dharma and Sangha
The Dalai Lama XlV Crossing The Himalayas



Executive Producer: Finn Byrum

Many deep conversations between Lakha Lama and Finn Byrum in the northwest of Jutland made way for the creation of this beautiful and meditative album with Tibetan mantras and prayer chants by Lakha Lama – read more

Tibetan Peace Prayer

Silence is not the absence of sound.

Silence is a state of mind, a form of being that grows out of our true essence when we manage to let go of our resistance, our prejudices and our anxieties.

Lakha Lama’s chants and affirmations bridge the chasm of resistance, prejudice and anxiety, and lead the way into the innermost essence, into the presence of silence.

Let go now and let yourself be led through the gate by Lakha Lama. If you see a small door, then remember that small doors sometimes open into large rooms.

— Lars Muhl