Extracts from conversations about dharma with Lakha Lama.
In Buddhism one’s basic views lay the foundation for spiritual practice and realization. In this compilation of extracts from dharma talks, Lakha Lama shares with us the fundamental contemplations on life that inform his own view and practice.

With the Dharma running through his veins, Lakha Lama shares his pith advice in answers to questions about life’s challenges, and many everyday topics.

As well as in many precious live recordings, Lakha Lama has shared the Dharma through articles, in his book “Simply Sharing,” and on his album “Tibetan Peace Prayer” all of which are available to read or listen to on-line, or download, right here—for free!

One of Lakha Lama’s profound characteristics is his ability to address life’s most complex challenges with straightforward ways of thinking and acting that also invite deeper contemplation.