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We are delighted to share this first documentary about the extraordinary life of Lakha Lama. Please enjoy it. The Simply Sharing association is in possession of several documentaries, interviews and press articles that have been published since Lakha Lama’s arrival in Denmark.
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Karma in Exile

Director: Halfdan Muurholm
Production: Halfdan Muurholm for DR Danish Broadcasting Corporation, 2008

A documentary about the extraordinary life and perspective of Lakha Lama. Born in 1942, the third son in a poor farming family, in the village of Mar-kham in eastern Tibet, he was given the name Thupten Dorjee – read more…

At the age of five, he was recognized as the reincarnation of the 19th Lakha Lama, but had to escape from Tibet in 1959 due to the Chinese invasion that brought him first to India and later, in 1976, to Denmark where he settled and started a family.

In this documentary, Lakha Lama is referred to as the 21st reincarnation of the Lakha Lama lineage. There are some discussions in that regard. The current official website refer to Lakha Lama as the 20th reincarnation.