Lakha Lama, born Thupten Dorjee in Tibet in 1942, was recognized as a tulku, a reincarnation of the previous Lakha Lama of Batang, at the age of five. He was enthroned as the 20th Lakha Rinpoche and became the spiritual leader of more than 100,000 people in Eastern Tibet. He came to Denmark in 1976 and has shared his life with his wife Pia Kryger since 1982.

Lakha Lama’s clear mind and warm heart have touched the hearts and minds of thousands. Many say his profound insight and wisdom has left deep indelible traces that changed their lives forever, but also that words are not enough to express the impact Lakha Lama has had on their lives.

Despite his humble and quiet nature, the media discovered Lakha Lama and continues to report on his extraordinary life, cross-cultural work, philosophy of life, and his many charitable activities.

As a high-ranking lama, many photos have been preserved since Lakha Lama’s first recognition as supreme spiritual leader of the Batang people in Tibet, through his time as a refugee in India and then as a dharma teacher in the West. There are also images of Lakha Lama as a husband, father, grandfather and friend. Every photo is associated with memories and anecdotes.