An Ocean of Recorded Teachings

We are delighted to share these first video clips of Lakha Lama’s teachings. Please enjoy them. The Simply Sharing association is in possession of an ocean of video recordings of Lakha Lama’s many teachings. With your financial support, the project expect to release more essential video clips over the coming months and, in time, full length teachings. You can make donations at

Peace of Mind

Date & place: 2003, Gothenburg, Sweden
Duration: 10:05 min.

As part of a series of talks Lakha Lama introduces us to how the philosophy can be used as a method to find and enhance peace of mind.

“When the mind is in pieces there is no peace” – Lakha Lama

Love and Compassion

Date & place: 2001, May 12, Gothenburg, Sweden
Duration: 10:55 min.

Lakha Lama shares with us that we already have basic love and compassion. He describes love as care, but says it can become a problem if we add demands, expectations and conditions.