An Ocean of Recorded Teachings

We are delighted to share this first podcast of Lakha Lama’s teachings. The Simply Sharing association is in possession of an ocean of audio recordings of Lakha Lama’s many teachings. The lakhalama.org project expect to release more episodes of the “Eight Verses for Training the Mind” over the coming months. With your financial support, we will be able to release many more hours of Lakha Lama’s precious teachings, along with transcriptions. You can make donations at www.simplysharing.org.


The Eight Verses for Training the Mind


July 2015, Bisserup, Denmark
Voice-over: M. Wendelboe

Lakha Lama is setting the scene—or rather the mind—to survey the Eight Verses for Training the Mind and begin to work with it.


July 2015, Bisserup, Denmark

Soon the second episode of the Eight Verses for Mind Training – Verse 1 will be released. In this episode Lakha Lama is sharing the deeper meaning and understanding of the first verse, which is about seeing all beings as precious and holding them dear.